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Raised by Moogles

Job hunting is soul-destroying and awful.

Job hunting is soul-destroying and awful.

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Today I gave what I thought was a perfectly acceptable performance at a job interview for a part-time position at a grocery store. Two hours after leaving, I had a rejection email in my inbox.

They'd told me I'd hear back within five working days. Turns out they couldn't WAIT to tell me to fuck off.

I just - I can't even get hired for chimp work. I'm exactly that useless.
  • *hugs tight* if the economy across the pond is as bad as it is here, there were probably a bunch of applicants. You'll get something!
  • *snuggles*

    I do hate when they do that.. I remember one job interview that, by the time I'd gotten home (an hour or so), I already had a thanks but no thanks e-mail...

    Stay strong... the perfect job will turn up!
  • *big hugs and chocolate* I'm in the same boat. It's AWFUL. ;_; I hope it gets better for you soon.
  • Don't fret, sweetness. Grunt work is peculiar, in that even the hardest-working, perfectly-qualified and vastly-experienced candidates are refused, often on a whim - especially when applicants outnumber positions tens, scores or even hundreds to one. Chances are the position went to a family member or a friend's teenage snot-nosed brat. Nepotism is alive and well, especially in retail. Or at least, it is here, and I don't suppose it's any different over there. It's not a personal rejection - remember that. Just because their views are skewed towards their favoured candidate does not man you would not have nailed that job :)

    Hang in there. The right position ill come along at exactly the right time. You'll see :)

    *hugs you eversotight*
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