Further adventures in Foods.

I made pickles for the first time! Specifically, pickled grapes. Because how could I not make something that weird. :D

My verdict: Weird, but good. I could see eating a couple after dinner.
'Boots's verdict: *series of weird faces* ...yes and no?

So, uh, this might be the Marmite of the 'Bootsannamoogle household. Unless I can figure out something to serve it with that makes it less No for her.

Brief update and a dream.

I'm re-re-gainfully employed; the store I temped at over Christmas asked me back. I'm not thrilled, but the pay's better than the grocery store. Hopefully I can rely on this while I look for something better and/or try to create something saleable.

Also, we've moved! XD It's a Victorian terrace split up so we've only got the ground floor and the garden, but so far I really like it. And it's our own place, which after certain issues with the brother-in-law I am incredibly relieved about. We're still arranging things, but I'll post some pictures soon.

I'm also co-modding on ffvii_100 and kh_100 over on Dreamwidth now, so that's interesting, although currently both comms are about as dead as that Beast Wars version I tried to make a go of yonks ago.

Now, onto the fun bit: Collapse )


Guys. Guys. Guysguysguys I GOT PROMOTED TO YELLOW BELT.


I didn't even go in to get tested today. I usually only go on Tuesdays, but I'd missed all last week and with new-old job starting up (oh, right, the people I temped for over Christmas want me back. Yay!) I might not get any more chances to go twice in one week. So I thought, 'okay, when I'm ready to try for my yellow belt in, uh, six months, I'll know what to expect.' So I somehow managed to get through class, I was extra clumsy and out of shape and just feeling like the worst little white belt in the WOOOOOOOORLD, when Sensei goes 'and this one's a surprise but we're promoting this person even though they weren't officially doing the testing, congratulations, [Moogle].'

...wait. WHAT

(It did occur to me that Sensei, having taken a fall not five minutes earlier, was suffering from a mild concussion that was affecting his judgement. I was too busy being giddy to care at the time though.)

I can't even begin to express how much this means to me, you guys. Between my issues and my history I've been half-convinced I was just always going to be lousy at this stuff. I mean, I'm still lousy, but, I'm slightly less lousy and I have a freaking piece of yellow cloth to prove it.

Right. Back to screaming.
ph34r the mad scientist (not Wheeljack!)

Life lessons, part 1.

Lesson I've learned from painting my nails: let small mistakes stand. If you futz with them you'll just make it worse and have to start over.

Being a perfectionist doesn't work for me, which is probably why I will never have the flawless manis you see on those nail polish blogs. XD

So, seen the new FF7-R trailer yet?

So apparently Squenix decided not enough people were talking about VII-R and released a gameplay trailer. With the usual caveats that this is a work in progress and may be tweaked, I have a few thoughts:

- The combat appears to be roughly FFXII-style, as far as I can make out. Which is about what I expected, but still kind of disappointing. The combat in XII felt too clumsy and uncontrolled to me. Straight turn-based wouldn’t really fit with the rest of the design anymore, but at the very least I’m hoping it’ll play more like Kingdom Hearts than XII.
- The expanded dialogue sounds great. So does the voice acting. (Except for Wedge. Poor Wedge, what have they done to you?) …unfortunately the dubbing is pretty awful. That sort of thing usually doesn’t bother me, but it’s immersion-breaking in this trailer.
- Moving around the map appears to have more to it than hold-X-to-run, which is an improvement. And it’s bigger, or at least seems that way due to the new camera angle - hopefully this means more little corners to poke in and little details to discover.
- I am happy about the art. It still looks like Midgar.
- Cloud looks terrible. Like he really has just escaped from a lab. His arms are so skinny and there’s shadows under his eyes, the poor thing.
- I’m fairly sure we saw Barret’s Hot Shot - it looks awesome. And GUARD SCORPION. Holy crap, it’s terrifying.
- Why is Barret wearing sunglasses at night? So he can, so he can see the light that’s right before his eyes.

Overall I’m impressed, but I’m trying to sit on my enthusiasm. I’ve been hoping for this for years but now that it’s happening I feel kind of worried. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t trust Squenix to be able to tell the difference between what needs updating & reworking and what should be preserved. FFVII was the game that got me hooked on RPGs, and I adore it glitches and bad dialogue and all, and a polished-up version is by necessity going to lose some of that. I’ve been kinda turned off to AAA console gaming for years now - the most recent console I own is a Wii - and if Squenix tries to make this thing fall into line with modern console games or even more modern FF games (I’m looking at you, XV), it’ll end up boring me. Or annoying me. Possibly both.

Also if I catch even a hint of Genesis, I am going to strangle someone.

(Think we’ll get some more WEAPONs to beat up? :D)

I'll have a blue Christmas... or maybe I won't, idk.

My second holiday season in the UK. Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas et. al. is coming, and I have this vague unsettled feeling that I should be homesick. But I’m just… not. I don’t really feel anything.

I mean, granted, I was never hugely into Thanksgiving. I thought it was kind of an unneccessary pre-Christmas-Christmas. And in recent years I’m either just so freaking burnt out on Christmas or I’m becoming cynical in my old age that the only thing I want to do with the holiday is use it as a chance to sleep in and play video games. But between being overseas and my dad’s family having basically fallen apart the past couple of years, it’s like, well, what’s wrong with me that I can barely remember past holidays and the bits&pieces I do remember don’t really affect me all that much? Am I headed for a breakdown and don’t know it yet? Am I doing the thing I learned to do in middle school where I just turned my feelings off? (Sounds like a great ability, right? IT ISN’T.)

I was reading something the other day about how someone else felt being an expatriate. About her experience of culture shock, and how she couldn’t feel like she was a part of the world she was living in. And I thought, “But I always feel like that. You mean that’s not normal?”

So, uh, I’m so broken that I’m actually coping really well. XD

(I am going to do card exchange this year. That part of the holidays I do miss. I'll do the 'address exchange post' in a bit, when my pie's in the oven.)

Answer for question 4547.

Cosplay ('costume play') is a popular pastime for many people -- dressing up as a favorite fictional character for different reasons (conventions, holidays, events). For those who partake, what's the best costume you've ever created or worn? What's the best one you've ever seen from someone else?
Galvatron at Botcon '08! :DDD ...too lazy to dig up pictures. But I was fucking amazing.