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Raised by Moogles

Because after Botcon...

Because after Botcon...

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Moogle girl loves you
...I need a jump-start on my writing engine. Plus I've just wanted to do this. It's the OC Meme, stolen from beckyh2112! :D Prompt me and I'll write a drabble featuring one of my OCs for you.

The Rules:
- Prompt as many as you want, but I only promise one drabble per person. You may get more, depending on if your prompts ping me.
- Include a scenario/song lyric/emotion/some sort of inspiration, and a faction or side if the fandom calls for it. (Autobot/Decepticon/Maximal/Predacon/neutral, Keybearer/Heartless/Nobody, Shinra/Avalanche/Jenovite, Turtles/Foot... well, check the tags if you don't know my fandoms. XD)
- If you like, you may prompt a specific OC that you already know of.
  • Crossover with Ghost Rider. Lacey is a former Foot clan member, circa 2k3 cartoon.


    Raph's new friend wasn't a talker - but then, you didn't really need words when your head was on fire. You pretty much just show up and the bad guys' asses practically kick themselves. Lacey had to admire that in a guy.

    In any case, it was surprisingly nice not to have to do all her own fighting tonight. Lacey could, and regularly did, hold her own against her former clan mates, but since Karai had taken over the Foot the attacks had come more and more frequently. It was starting to become exhausting.

    Not that she'd ever admit it. She couldn't go whining to Them for this. Especially not for this.

    So Lacey fought her own way, with fists and feet and stolen fire-jutsu; and the Ghost Rider fought with chain and his own flame, one that burned purer and hotter. It was he who finally drove the ninjas into retreat, still astride the growling beast who deigned to take the form of a motorcycle.

    "Thanks," she told him, but didn't meet his gaze. She knew the stories about what happened if the Ghost Rider looked into your eyes, and she knew what he'd do if he ever looked into hers.
    • I like her! I admit, I have almost no idea about the 2K3 TMNT cartoon, but I like Lacey. *nousles her* She is a clever girl and brave, to deal so well with the Ghost Rider.
      • Eee! Thank you! Lacey thanks you too. ...Actually, she kind of kicks at the ground and grouses, but that means thank you in Lacey language. ;)
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