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Raised by Moogles

I know I haven't been very good at filling these, but...

I know I haven't been very good at filling these, but...

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Roddy doing the sniktbub
.....let's see if this jump-starts a few of my neglected projects. Stolen shamelessly from minibot_love.

1) Pick one of my fics or drabbles, or any other project you happen to know I am/was doing.

2) Request a future or past scene set in that fic-verse with any characters you want.

3) Wait for me to write 500(+/-) words of said scene.

And there was much rejoicing.
  • I do like the way you think.

    Rodimus had just about trained the tentacles to stay wrapped around his waist and out of his way (most of the time), but he might as well not have bothered when the command trine of the Decepticons walked in. They writhed through the air - the tentacles, that is, not the Unicronians - blindly seeking something to touch, coil around, cling to. Rodimus felt himself flush with embarrassed heat as Galvatron and his brothers halted well out of their reach and stared at him.

    "So the rumors were true," Cyclonus murmured faintly, and Scourge shot him a disgruntled look.

    "Yeah," Rodimus answered, completely unnecessarily. He reached up and grabbed a handful of tentacles, fully intending to pin the lot of them in his hands for the length of the Unicronians' visit if he had to. The extra squeeze lit up his sensors, making him have to fight to hide a shudder. He had a feeling he hadn't succeeded when Galvatron's optics flashed in interest. "Spike's made contact with the locals on the planet these came from though. They know how to get rid of the symbiote. So I won't have to put up with-"

    Galvatron stepped forward, and his tentacles slipped free of his control, reaching out to twine around the warmech's arms. Rodimus gasped, shoving himself backwards despite the painful wrench where the tentacles had attached themselves, knowing how Galvatron hated feeling trapped. "I'm sorry," he babbled quickly, "the slagging things have minds of their own-" He shut his mouth with a snap when Galvatron laughed at him.

    "And they seem to like me," the Decepticon smirked, gently mocking, tangling his fingers in the tendrils around his opposite wrist. Sparks of power, the unique energy signature of the Chaos-forged, raced along the tentacles to hit Rodimus right in the pleasure center. He gasped, arching into the phantom touch, as the tentacles reached joyfully to entwine themselves with Galvatron.

    "Tell me," Galvatron purred - knowingly, the slagger. "What do your delightful symbiotes feed on?"

    Oh, Primus. "Overload energy," Rodimus admitted, low-voiced.

    "That's what I thought," Galvatron grinned cruelly, and squeezed the tentacles in fists crackling with chaos energy. Every sensor Rodimus had fired at once, sending him thrashing and screaming to the floor.

    When he came to, Rodimus was on his back, Galvatron kneeling over him, his powerful body half-hidden by a forest of tentacles - clinging to him, squirming into ports, into armor gaps, one thick and fearless symbiote squirming into the warlord's cannon. Rodimus squirmed and moaned, able to feel Galvatron's body all over him without touching him, and Galvatron was growling as he too squirmed. Dazed by pleasure, Rodimus hardly needed Cyclonus and Scourge to kneel on either side and pin his arms, but he appreciated it anyway.

    The tentacles did too - a few of them left Galvatron's arms to twine curiously around his lieutenants. Cyclonus didn't acknowledge them with much more than a rumble that made the tentacle arch up and rub against his chest, making Rodimus shiver, but Scourge welcomed his visitor with a curious stroke of bright pink claws, and Rodimus moaned pleadingly as the tendril made random coiling shapes of pleasure in the air. "I do hope your ambassador takes his time getting back," Galvatron purred, optics bright as he watched all three of them. "We'll want plenty of time to discover all the ways to enjoy-" A tentacle thrust itself passed his lips, apparently as enamored of his voice as Rodimus was and wanting to curl up in it, and Galvatron laughed as he bit down - gently, for him. Rodimus keened as he tried not to overload again so quickly, and Galvatron bent down and kissed him roughly with the tentacle still in his mouth, tangling with their glossae.
  • Re: I do like the way you think.


    YES. The BEST way to end the day. Clearly. TENTACLES. And Unicronians! <3333333

    (And I love the bit where Rodimus was backing away because he knew Galvatron didn't like to be confined. D'awwwww. But of course Roddy's sexy tentacles are too fun to play with to mind!)
    • Re: I do like the way you think.

      Tentacles, Unicronians, Roddy, and sexy. Perfect. ^_^

      (Rodimus is very respectful of his partners' boundaries! It's just that Galvatron took the tentacle-grabby for the worship it clearly was, and that is only his due.)
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  • Re: I do like the way you think.

    *thuds* That was me dying of hot.

    I think zeh tentacle in zeh cannon is the hottest part :)

    I want a symbiot like this XDDDDDD
    • Re: I do like the way you think.

      :O Please don't die! *phoenix down*

      Tentacles are gratifyingly curious and fearless. ^_^

      Some extra limbs would be nice, but I'd have to put holes in all my shirts.....
  • Re: I do like the way you think.

    *purrs* this was delightful and yummy. there needs to be more of this, yes.
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