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Raised by Moogles

I know I haven't been very good at filling these, but...

I know I haven't been very good at filling these, but...

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Roddy doing the sniktbub
.....let's see if this jump-starts a few of my neglected projects. Stolen shamelessly from minibot_love.

1) Pick one of my fics or drabbles, or any other project you happen to know I am/was doing.

2) Request a future or past scene set in that fic-verse with any characters you want.

3) Wait for me to write 500(+/-) words of said scene.

And there was much rejoicing.
  • You too, huh?


    The human turned at Megatron's strangled, affronted roar, but the brilliant smile she turned on him held no trace of fear. "Oh," she said, "hello."

    "How did you get here?" Megatron demanded.

    Innocent eyes blinked. "I walked."

    Belatedly, Megatron remembered to go for the capture, not the kill - the human would tell him all about her purpose and accomplices before it died. He lunged, the peace of the Decepticon Empire having dulled his edge not a whit, but his fingers closed only on air and the human was laughing, infuriatingly fearless, oh how he would enjoy changing that-! "You've gotten old and slow, Megatron," she taunted. "Hasn't he - Prime?"

    Too late Megatron realized he'd turned his back to the entranceway - when his own city was under attack! Intolerable! - and there was a heavy footstep and a strong energy field behind him, shot through with a flicker of the Matrix itself, and he whirled, spark leaping into his throat as he searched for a solid form in red and blue.

    The mech was red and gold, holding a rifle to his shoulder, and Megatron had a moment to feel incongruous disappointment before the Autobots' new Prime growled, "This is for Optimus, you son of a bitch," and blew a hole big enough to put a fist in through the center of his chest.

    Megatron was blank gray before he hit the floor, and Rodimus reoriented his rifle on the corpse's helm, trembling. "Roddy," said the human softly, seeing behind the Prime's armor into the spark of the hurt and frightened child within.

    Slowly, the rifle lowered. "Marissa," Rodimus whispered.

    "What now?" she prompted him, coaxing him back to himself-as-Prime.

    "I..." Rodimus shook his head sharply. "The head. We'll take the head to demoralize whatever Decepticons are left. Melt down the rest."

    "You don't want to recycle?" Marissa asked, thinking of the Autobots who could use a few new components.

    Snorting, Rodimus turned away from the corpse. "Do you really think anybody wants his parts inside of them?"

    "Good point."
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  • OH WOW!!! This is brilliant and wonderful and so much awesome and I'm so sorry that something crazy must have happened and I didn't comment on it earlier. Roddy *huggles* "seeing behind the Prime's armor into the spark of the hurt and frightened child within."

    *weeps* That is just it. That is who he is. Strong and awesome and vulnerable and still so young and I love love love this. Sorry I missed it earlier. So so sorry
    • It's okay. *snuggles* I figured RL was getting in the way.

      *hugs and strokes hair? It's okay, Roddy and Marissa will fix everything they can and everyone will have all the hugs they could ever need or want...*
  • oh win. so much win. <3
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