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Raised by Moogles

I know I haven't been very good at filling these, but...

I know I haven't been very good at filling these, but...

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Roddy doing the sniktbub
.....let's see if this jump-starts a few of my neglected projects. Stolen shamelessly from minibot_love.

1) Pick one of my fics or drabbles, or any other project you happen to know I am/was doing.

2) Request a future or past scene set in that fic-verse with any characters you want.

3) Wait for me to write 500(+/-) words of said scene.

And there was much rejoicing.
  • Title = Dog Days?

    Mid-patrol, Ironhide transformed at a roadside gas station to stretch his servos and shake the dust out of his joints. It was midday, the tail end of August - the dog days of summer, humans called it - and the heat was oppressive enough even in the shade of the refueling station to make even Ironhide uncomfortable. It didn't surprise him to see that no humans emerged from the station to greet him - if he could have fit inside the refrigeration unit he could see through the glass door, he would have crawled inside and not come out until October.

    He saw neither hide nor hair of human, but he was not the only living thing outside. Cicadas droned in the distance. A beetle made a racket like a helicopter, followed by four massive, gallumphing paws. Ironhide turned, frowning, and beheld the spectacle of a basset hound the size, and with the exuberance, of Bumblebee chasing after the beetle.

    "Well. I'll be reprogrammed with a rivet roller," he philosophized.

    The basset hound skidded to a halt, massive schnoz swinging toward him. For a moment he simply sniffed the air, short snuffs of breath taking in more information from the air than even Ironhide's advanced sensory systems could boast. Then the incautious tail wagged, the voice rose in a warbling howl-bark, and the basset hound gallumphed over with its tentlike ears flopping hard enough to cause little dust cyclones. Ironhide chuckled and knelt to greet him, one hand out the way Spike greeted dogs that were to human scale.

    "Well, hey, fella," he drawled as a cold wet nose was thrust into his palm. "I'm Ironhide. What's your name?" Another warble and a swipe of warm-wet tongue was his answer. The hound was covered in dust, but as Ironhide ruffled the coarse fur, he could see splotches of deep rusty-red showing up proudly against a field of white. The dog wore no collar - where to get a collar in his size, anyway? - but there were rough bald patches around his neck, and now that Ironhide had his hands in the fur he could feel raised scars on the skin. "You been through a few battles yourself," he mused, stroking the dog's head, "aintcha, hero?"

    The dog thrust his head under Ironhide's elbow, tail beating a hopeful rhythm in the air. Reaching a decision the way he always did - without deliberating and without hesitation, when he'd seized upon the only right thing to do. "Ironhide to base," he commed. "I'm comin' in a bit early. Hero an' I are right parched."

    There was a querying squawk in reply, but Ironhide didn't reply to it. All would become clear when the other Autobots saw Hero.
  • Re: Title = Dog Days?


    Eeeee! I loves it <3 So cuute! Ironhide's puppeh~~
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