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Raised by Moogles

It's bearable.

It's bearable.

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Well, this is my third week at the little grocery store, and I'm coming toward the end of my ability to use "sorry, I'm new here" as an excuse for my fuckups. (Today I almost gave someone thirty pounds more cashback than he'd asked for. I am NOT at my best in the mornings, guys.)

There was a couple of days there when I was pretty sure I was going to be let go, because one of the supervisors was kind of giving me the cold shoulder when before he'd been teasing me a lot, but yesterday he went back to teasing me, so I guess I'm still okay. Honestly I'm still not sure I'm going to keep this job though. My second day they got us all together and told us the owner was selling the franchise back to its parent company. "Nobody's losing their jobs," they were quick to assure us, but realistically, if they decide to tighten their belts I'm first on the chopping block as the new kid. Also, it may not be a good sign that I don't have a name tag yet.

But if I do get to keep this job, it's not terrible. Magazine-sorting and doing home shopping orders are kind of fun, and some of the regulars are nice. (I basically channel my mom talking to those people. It's kind of unnerving how much I sound like her. XD)
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