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Raised by Moogles

...welp. -_-

...welp. -_-

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Got fired from the grocery store on Friday. For not being "happy" enough. Apparently such egregious sins leaning on the register and letting the manager be the first to say hi in the mornings are unforgivable in the 'disposable register monkey' field, and so I find myself disposed of.

...hell yes, I'm bitter. I didn't even like the job, but I did everything I was supposed to do and made an effort to be friendly with customers. And that self-same manager didn't give enough of a crap to ask me if I was okay when I asked her where the first aid kit was the morning I came in with scrapes from falling off my bike, so I'm calling bullshit on her ass.

So now I have to go through the job-seeking process all over again, which y'all know destroys me. I've got an interview tomorrow, actually - it's a temp job, but y'know what? The pay's better. So there's that.
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