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Raised by Moogles

Brief update and a dream.

Brief update and a dream.

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I'm re-re-gainfully employed; the store I temped at over Christmas asked me back. I'm not thrilled, but the pay's better than the grocery store. Hopefully I can rely on this while I look for something better and/or try to create something saleable.

Also, we've moved! XD It's a Victorian terrace split up so we've only got the ground floor and the garden, but so far I really like it. And it's our own place, which after certain issues with the brother-in-law I am incredibly relieved about. We're still arranging things, but I'll post some pictures soon.

I'm also co-modding on ffvii_100 and kh_100 over on Dreamwidth now, so that's interesting, although currently both comms are about as dead as that Beast Wars version I tried to make a go of yonks ago.

Now, onto the fun bit: I had a crossover dream! I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams lately, which is usually the result of stress, but some are nightmares and most of the rest don’t make for interesting stories. This was the first one in a while I actually enjoyed.

Okay, so the ice age/disaster/whatevs that precedes the Silver Millenium was about to begin, and Usagi was running around preparing to cast the spell that was going to preserve humanity until the Earth had recovered enough to support life again - basically by putting everyone in suspended animation via being encased in crystal, because This Is Sailor Moon and Everything Is Crystals. Somewhere along the line she’d made friends with the Ninja Turtles (because This Is Sailor Moon and Everything Not Crystals Is Friendship), and they were helping her get organized as well as arranging themselves to be in the best position to protect her when the Great Awakening happened. I guess because the Inner Senshi had stuff on their calendars that day, go fig.

Anyway, it was all very emotional, then SHINKUU-CRYSTAL-HAPPENED. Fast forward a thousand years and the crystal encasement spell is just about ready to break. But oh no, enemies approach! Because once again the Outer Senshi are super bad at their jobs! At this point things switch to strategy-game-o-vision, because I’ve been playing a lot of Fire Emblem Awakening lately. (Aside: I don’t like this series as much as the FFTactics series. The leveling system is made of crazy. I’m digging the individual character arcs though.)

So, long story short (read: I don’t remember most of what happened in this part), I lost the campaign battle. Big Bad was advancing on the throne where crystal-encased Usagi was sitting, apparently planning to get the “Imma be your queen from now on, ‘k?” thing out the way right from the off, when one of the crystals surrounding her went “blink” “blink blink” *SHATTER* and Raphael emerged, ready to do heroic battle! Big Bad presumably wet his pants.

And then my partner’s phone went off, leaving me to imagine the aftermath of this. It was probably pretty epic. I mean, I have a lot of questions about the whole Neo-Queen Serenity thing and how that actually comes about*, but a world in which Raphael defended NQS prior to her emergence is probably a world where the Turtles get to walk around aboveground in broad daylight, but I don’t know what they’d do with themselves in the Silver Millenium.

*Because I cannot imagine a world in which this comes about peacefully or with the consent of all involved, but ‘peace through tyranny’ seems fundamentally contrary to Usagi’s whole character. I kind of wanted to poke at this issue via that Captain America/Sailor Moon crossover, but I still can't make it work.
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