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Raised by Moogles

meanderings on life, love, and the human race from an outside perspective

Moogle Girl
1 November 1984
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Once upon a time, a troop of wandering moogles found a mysterious girlbaby abandoned in the Washington Monument's elevator with a note pinned to her blankie. Being a sentimental lot, the moogles adopted the girlbaby, and thus the world beheld the advent of Moogle Girl - half-wild rover and student of humanity, quiet and innocent and well-versed in the art of cuddle-jutsu.

Yet there came a time when Moogle Girl had to leave the furry paws of her fostering family, and settled among her long-lost own kind at a certain campus by the seaside. Quickly bereft of her innocence, her wandering ways, and her fuzzy moogle ears, our foundling heroine must now rebuild her identity from scratch, and carve out her own knothole in the Tree of Life.

This journal is the chronicle of a quest for identity. Moogle Girl invites you to walk along.
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